Imrozia is excited to bring to you its latest collection Allure Fortuna which gathers the elements of regality and elegance. The splendid colors of the semi-formal party collection endorses the charm, beauty and power of feminism in a holistic approach.

Allure Fortuna, means being desirable through a twist of fate and destiny, a trait that makes every aspect of femininity a source of power and dignity. In this collection, Imrozia has curated a menagerie of darker tones and rich colors that celebrate women and their irrevocable place in the vast expanse of this universe and life. It draws on the idea that without women, the existence of the world would have been nullified. This ode to feminism is often celebrated in the words of the Poet of the East who rightfully says that women bring out the colour in this universal canvas.

Imrozia invites women and garbs them with confidence, empowerment and elegance. Allure Fortuna enables you to stylize with creativity and uniqueness.


Designer Chiffon

iMROZIA 01 The Rose D’Or